The car engine is a complex machine. It could be working fine one minute, then the next minute it starts making noises or struggles to get up to speed.

There are many reason why this could be happening, but it isn’t always because your car is old! There potentially could be something wrong with the car which could lead to having the vehicle repaired.

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At On The Road Care Car in Chertsey we offer a complete range of engine diagnostic servicing. If you need information or would like to book your car in for a test, please contact us today.

Our car engine diagnostic check will establish the reason why you car is struggling with its performance issues. There are many things that can go wrong with the engine. Some are easy to fix and just take a short time to clear, while others may require an engine repair or refurbishment.

The specialist car engine diagnostic equipment we use has the latest software updates, that allow us to be able to carry out engine diagnostics checks on most make and models of vehicles.

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