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On The Road Car Care are the R1234YF specialists in southern England

Car air conditioning cooling isn’t only incredible for those hot summer days; it’s also a great tool for demisting windows during the winter months.

Our experts at On The Road Car Care in Chertsey will make sure your air conditioning in your vehicle will be running efficiently, and more importantly working correctly too.

  • Fully Qualified Technicians
  • All Makes & Models
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Comprehensive Checks

We can carry out the work on your vehicle whilst you wait. It doesn’t take long and once it’s done, your system will keep you cool for another two years.

At On The Road Car Care based in Chertsey we are R1234YF specialist and have the knowledge and experience of working on these new air conditioning systems for your car.

We are fully skilled and equipped to work on any vehicle that has an R1234YF Air Conditioning system fitted, including Hybrid vehicles.

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